Church Inquisitor Edit


While many champions of good are dedicated to fighting forces of evil that are external to them and their church - as clerics and paladins of Lincoln are devoted to destroying followers of Lolth - the church inquisitor is at least as concerned about evil and corruption within. When greed eats away at a church hierarchy, when vampires infiltrate a knightly order and seduce its leaders to evil, when high clerics succumb to evil enchantments and fall from the path of their deities, it is usually a church inquisitor who uncovers the evil and cuts it away.

Church inquisitors specialize in divination, to detect evil and corruption, and abjuration, to protect themselves and others from evil magic. They are most often drawn from the clerics or paladins of a lawful church or order.

While it is not required to be a paladin or cleric, other classes find the path of the Church Inquisitor undesirable or too difficult to follow.

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