Dark Mist Zealot Edit


The Dark Mist Zealots, also known as the Order of The Dark Mist, was a secret society of assassins who drew their power from the passions of anger and rage. They were originally only disciples of Nahc Eikooc, but their ardent practices have since inspired devotees of other worships to follow in their footsteps of the Dark Mist Zealot. They served as the eyes, ears, and hands of Nahc Eikooc in the Wilderness. They operated heavily before the Spellplague, and not even the mighty Eripmav were out of their reach. Since the Spellplague, the order has gone silent. However, there is some speculation of small sects working out of various vampire hideouts.

After the Spellplague, the Blood Knives were known to train new recruits in the ways of the original Dark Mist Zealots, barring their initial strict worship of Nahc Eikooc. Assassin's guilds across the world began to harbor Dark Mist Zealots disconnected from the worship of Nahc Eikooc.

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